What Is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an online advertising service through Google that launched in 2000. The goal of the service through its evolution and iterations over the years has always been to help businesses, including small businesses in the realm of advertising on the web. The service allows businesses to place display advertisements on Google and its advertising network.


Companies will determine a budget and create their ads. The money that is budgeted for the ad campaign is used whenever someone clicks on one of the ads. This platform is focused around the use of keywords. For example, if someone were to type into the Google search engine that they were looking for “muffler repair in San Diego”, Google ads that contained those keywords would show up at the top of the search results under the Sponsored Links heading.

Therefore, businesses that utilize AdWords will want to make sure they have relevant keywords in the ads they create. You can think of the keywords as triggers. When that “trigger” is pulled, your ads will be shown. Behind the scenes, the Google algorithm will run an auction to determine where the ad will show up in the list that appears in the search engine results. The more you know about your customers the easier it will be to craft ads that utilize the right keywords to help you rank higher.

When it comes to the keywords, there are different matching options that are available. It is important to keep these in mind when you are choosing your keywords.

The broad match is going to reach the highest number of users whenever your keywords are searched for. There are times that broad search matches could benefit you, but the ad might not always be focused enough to find your niche audience. A negative match will allow you to prevent your ads from being shown when certain words or phrases are searched for. A phrase match will show the ad only to those who have searched for the exact phrase. Exact matches are similar to a phrase match, but they will only show up when the search matches the exact phrase exclusively, meaning that there are no other words or phrases in it.

Now that you have a better understanding of just what Google AdWords is, let’s look at the many benefits that it can provide for businesses just like yours.

The keywords that you choose will also determine the cost of advertising. All of the keywords will have a cost-per-click amount, or CPC. You can determine exactly how much you are willing to pay each time someone clicks on the ad. The aforementioned algorithm takes into account the CPC that you choose. Higher CPCs will place higher on the page.

The Display Network

In addition to using ads that are on the search network detailed above, it is also possible for businesses to utilize the Display Network. This will allow advertisers to place advertisements on websites that are part of the network. One of the benefits of this type of advertising with AdWords is that it can increase the likelihood of your ad showing up on sites that are somehow related to your niche. This can help your business to find more customers.

The Benefits of Google AdWords

This advertising platform can provide you with a wealth of benefits for your business. The following are some of the most touted benefits that companies have experienced when they start using this PCC platform. Keep in mind that these are just some of the biggest benefits associated with AdWords.

1. Reach a Substantial Number of People

It is the most popular PPC advertising platform, and it reaches more than 80% of Internet users around the world. It tends to work very well with many different types of businesses. If you have a niche audience that you know uses the web there is a good chance that they are using Google to search, or that they visit websites where your ads might appear. You have the opportunity to reach a large number of people with relative ease, which is one of the big strengths that come from working with AdWords. This type of advertising does work when it is applied properly.

2. Works for Businesses of Any Size

One of the issues that would typically hold back businesses was the fact that they could not compete with larger companies that had an advertising budget that would allow them to buy up print ads or radio and television spots. With the Internet, this is no longer a problem. The platform is perfect for smaller businesses because you are able to set your own budget. There is no minimum investment to get started. In fact, many people choose to start out with a small budget to test the waters and see how quickly it can drive people to their site.

However, if you are going to test the platform like this, it is a good idea to have enough of a budget that you can test and optimize to see how different ads will perform. This can help give you a better understanding of what you can expect when you expand your campaigns.

3. It Is Measurable

With many of the traditional methods of advertising, it can be quite difficult to measure just how effective they are, especially when you have a business that works online. It is difficult to know for certain whether those ads are working for you or not because there is no way to track the source of the leads unless the customer outright tells you. Figuring out the return on investment from traditional advertising has always been problematic. That is no longer true with online advertising.

With AdWords, particularly when paired with Google Analytics, you will know far more about the success of your advertising campaigns, and you will know right away. You can determine how many people clicked on an ad and know how many leads it generated. You can determine which keywords did the best for you in terms of traffic and leads, and you will know exactly how much it is costing you per lead.

With the help of Analytics, you can determine how long visitors stay on a page, how many pages they have visited, the bounce rate of the landing page, and more. This type of information will allow you to then revisit and tailor your ad campaigns to ensure that they are even more effective the next time out.

4. You Can Increase Brand Awareness

While it is plain to see that using Google AdWords will boost the amount of traffic that you receive and that it could increase your conversions, it can do even more. It also provides greater brand awareness for your business. When people type in the search engine and your company’s name pops up on one of the ads, even if they don’t click on your ad right away, they have seen your business’s name. The more a person sees your brand the more familiar with it they become. It can increase the likelihood that they will eventually visit your website. Even though this might be a benefit that plays out over the long haul, it can still be quite helpful.

5. Keeps the Costs Down

As was mentioned before, advertising can be very expensive. This is especially true for those companies that are still trying to chase television and radio ads, or that invest in costly print campaigns. While they might be able to work for some large companies, they are not feasible for most. With AdWords, you do not have to worry about that. You determine your budget and how much you want to spend each day and on the bids. You can easily increase or decrease the amount that you are spending based on the results you are seeing and your finances. This allows smaller companies that have good ads and good products to compete with businesses that are much larger.

6. Target the Ads

With AdWords, you can customize the ads as you see fit, more easily targeting the niche audience that is likely to want to buy your products or services. This means less waste in terms of advertising dollars. You can ensure that the right people are seeing relevant ads, which increases the likelihood of them clicking through and visiting your site. You can use certain keywords and phrases and then target those ads at certain demographics, which is something you cannot do with traditional advertising.

7. Works Faster than SEO

One of the other benefits that businesses have come to love about AdWords is that it works much faster than search engine optimization. While you still need your business to engage in SEO, it does take time for that work to be noticed by the search engines and it takes time to climb in the rankings. It is a long-term process. With AdWords, it works almost immediately.

It is possible to focus on several keywords at the same time, to have multiple ads running, and to reach a lot of people. You can test out different ads and keywords in real time to see what is going to work best for your business. This provides businesses with a lot of flexibility, along with the knowledge of knowing when they are on the right track.

8. Easier for Local Customers to Find You

Another reason to use AdWords is because it works well with mobile and local searches. When you include your location in the ads you create, your ads will show up for people who are in that location when they conduct a search. This is extremely important for those companies that have brick and mortar businesses no matter what products or services they offer. AdWords makes it easy for you to target specific locations, and even specific languages if needed.

9. Mobile Targeting

With so many people searching with their mobile phones today, it is nice to know that Google AdWords works very well for mobile devices. You can easily target those who are on mobile, allowing you to craft ads that are specifically for those who are looking at the ad on a mobile device.

10. It Helps Diversify Your Traffic Streams

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make in advertising is relying on only a single stream of traffic leading to your pages. If you are focused only on SEO or only on working with social media, you are simply not diversifying your advertising and branding enough. By implementing AdWords, you can add yet another stream of traffic that can lead to your site. One of the big benefits of this type of targeted traffic is that they are already interested in the product or service you are offering. If they weren’t, they would not have clicked on the ad in the first place.

11. Competitors Are Using It

Google AdWords is not a secret. Everyone knows about it and that certainly includes your competitors. Many companies have already explored and experienced the benefits that AdWords can offer, and they are steadily pulling ahead of you. Their brands are getting noticed, they are selling more, and they are taking customers that could be yours. You do not want to let them continue pulling ahead. Instead, it is time that you took action and started using AdWords yourself, so you can keep up with the competition that’s already here and stay ahead of those who haven’t stared using the platform yet.

How to Get Started Using Google AdWords

When you commit to using AdWords, the first thing that you need to do is determine your goals for the ad campaign. Are you looking to generate leads? Make more sales? Build your brand? This will help determine the types of ads that you want to run. You will also need to think about your audience to help with creating the ads. Separate your audience into different personas and then craft ads that are tailored to work best on those types of customers.

It is also essential that you conduct keyword research to determine which are the best words and phrases to use. Ideally, you want to find a balance between high traffic and relatively low competition. This tends to mean that the ads will be cheaper and that they will be seen by the right audience.

You will then determine how much you want to include in your budget and bids, and then create quality ads that will help you to get more clicks when people see them. Keep in mind that while clicks are certainly important, it is equally important to make sure that there is a great landing page when the visitors arrive through those links. The landing page should be focused on fulfilling the promise that was made in the ad.

Track the ads, see how they do, and then continue optimizing and tweaking the ads to ensure that they become better. You will need to do this with all of the ads that you place on AdWords.

Making the Most from Google AdWords

If working with AdWords sounds like it can be a lot of work that’s because it can be. There are many factors that you have to consider when putting together any type of ad campaign, and now you need to think about creating ads specifically for AdWords and you need to make sure those ads are working for you. When you are just starting out, this can be quite daunting. Fortunately, if you find that you do not have the time to handle AdWords on your own, there are professionals out there that can take on this type of work for you.

They know and understand AdWords and keep up with changes to the system. They can help with these ad campaigns and make it easier for you to continue running the other aspects of your business. When choosing a company to help, make sure that they are highly competent and that they have experience working not only with online advertising, but with Google AdWords specifically. They can help to take your advertising to the next level.