Don’t Get Bogged Down by the Technical Side of Owning a Website … Get One Set Up – So You Can Focus on Your Business!


Get Your Living, Breathing Website!

Website Development Group

Hire us to set up your WordPress Website for only $300. Edit and update the website as you go. Here’s what you get:

  • Domain Name Reg.

  • Hosting Account Set Up

  • WordPress Installation

  • Theme Installation

  • Website Tracking

  • Video Tutorials


Here’s What People Are Saying!

“We are so happy with the work that WDG did on our website. Our old site wasn’t optimized for mobile, and it loaded so slowly. The new site is fast, responsive, and allows us to connect with our audience easily. Our sales have increased as a result!”

Naudi Aguilar | Functional Patterns

“WDG really went the distance for us. Not only did they design us a custom website that put our unique products and message front and center, but now it works great on mobile devices. We’re extremely pleased with its performance and the response from our visitors.”

Ted Cates | Platinum X CBD

“We turned to WDG to help us build our brand online and get the word about our cutting-edge float spa and available treatments. They did an amazing job. From the consistent branding to quality copy to local optimization – they did it all and we couldn’t be happier.”

Fred White | flōt Spa

Contacts Generated
Products Sold
Websites Created

Why Your Business Needs Google AdWords

As anyone who owns a business knows, advertising can be very expensive. For small businesses, this can be especially problematic. However, the Internet has helped to make advertising a business far simpler than it once was. It has also helped marketing to become cheaper through efforts such as SEO and through social media. In addition, it has allowed for online advertising through a range of different services. The most well-known of these is Google AdWords.

This is a highly effective system and it is relatively easy to get started. In addition, AdWords provides businesses with a range of benefits, including those discussed here. First, however, you will want to have a better understanding of just what Google AdWords is.

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Why Your Business Needs Search Engine Optimization

You want to provide your company with every chance for success. You have created a website, you have a great product or service, and you wait for the customers to start showing up. However, if you are not actively engaging in search engine optimization, or SEO, you are going to be disappointed with your results on the Internet. It has become important for companies to do far more than just put up a website and believe that it is sufficient to act as their presence on the web. Today, it is truly essential that you also work with SEO to improve your Internet rankings and to get noticed online.

The benefits of SEO are examined along with things that you can do to start improving your SEO. You will want to take action sooner rather than later if you hope to succeed and grow your business’s presence on the web.

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