Questions to Ask When Hiring a Website Designer

Hiring a new web designer can be a draining process.

Just finding the right designer can take what seems like ages.

It seems as if there are designers everywhere, each with their own specialized services and products.

When you’re a business owner, having the right person in charge of your website is crucial.

You want to be sure that you draw in visitors, show off where you excel, and keep each user engaged and excited while on your website.

To determine if the contractor you are considering is the right fit for you, we drew up a list of important questions to ask.

Will You Analyze and Review My Current Website Before Building the New One?

A designer who is truly interested in helping your business grow and succeed should have no problem offering an analysis of your current website, if you have one.

If they seem reluctant, this might mean they are only interested in selling you on an entirely new website.

Do You Use Templates or Build Custom Websites?

This is something important to understand in advance.

A designer can build an entire website by scratch or they can customize a theme for a content management system (like WordPress).

The other option is something in between.

As far as pricing goes, the template will be least expensive, the hybrid in the middle, and the custom site the most expensive option.

Are There Any Technical Limitations I Should Know About?

You may not know exactly what your website needs, and a designer can help you with that.

You will largely be relying on the designer to handle the nuts and bolts of things.

However, if there’s specific technology or design that you require, ask about limitations as far as what can and cannot be completed.

This ensures you know about any extra costs or time delays before it’s crunch time.

Do I Need to Provide Written Copy or Will You?

In most cases, your designer will not do copywriting, so you are best not to expect them to provide your content.

However, if you work with a team or agency, they may have a copywriter who can handle the content for you.

You’ll save money doing it on your own, if that is a concern for you.

If you aren’t sure you can put out quality content, you can write the rough draft and seek help from a copy editor to make it shine.

Do You Provide a File with the Design of the Site?

Assuming you choose to have a custom website made, the designer should be happy to provide you with the design file after the design has been finished.

You an also expect to receive any mockups or wireframes used in the layout.

These offer you a chance to be sure you are happy with the structure of the content on the website when it is complete.

How Long Will Completing the Website Take?

This is a common question that web designers are used to answering.

Every person looking for a website to be built is excited for it to happen immediately but that isn’t always possible.

The answer will depend on the contractor or company you use and the complexity of the website that you need build.

You can expect a website to take anywhere from a few days to a few months to be complete and ready to hit the Internet.

Can You Explain Your Web Design Process in a Few Steps?

This is a great way to get more information on what a designer might be like to work with.

You’ll find that some designers will answer in only a few short bullet points.

However, others are going to be more detailed and explain things to a much higher degree, potentially including timelines.

The more details you can glean from the answer, the more experience this particular designer is likely to have.

Do You Work with Other People? If So, Who Are They?

With modern website design, it’s fairly common for your designer to be part of a team.

It’s also possible that some of the work will be outsourced to contractors or team members.

If this is something that bothers you, make sure to ask questions.

If your website is going to be custom or include many different types of pages, there will likely be numerous people working on the project.

Will I Have the Ability to Update the Site Myself?

You likely want to have access to your website to make changes or updates on your own.

Some designers will prefer that you have the designer do this type of work for you, while others are open to providing complete access to the website.

While your designer may have the best knowledge to make major updates, it’s up to you whether you are okay giving up access if the designer prefers it that way.

In the end, however, it is your website so make sure to ask about the situation.

Do You Provide Maintenance with Your Fee?

After your site is ready to go, determine whether your designer is going to maintain or update it for you in the future.

If you are paying a single fee, then you likely have no maintenance included.

If you plan to pay a monthly fee, you will likely be getting website updates.

This person will add apps, update software, and handle security issues as they come up.

Some designers will offer this as an hourly fee to fix issues rather than holding you on a monthly contract.

And Many More

The 10 questions listed above should be an excellent start when it comes to interviewing a potential web designer for your company site.

You can, of course, add in any questions that come to you while perusing the list.

You might want more information about the tools used to build your website, how your website is optimized for SEO, or whether you can expect training on how to update your site.

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